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Knowing you don’t have to study the whole Bible, but the whole of the Bible is important.  So how do you get around this?  You know your little bit from your own study. A study hall is a place to share it.  Every lake needs an inlet and an outlet or it stagnates.  In your study, you too need to be able to share what you have found. But, you also need input from others, to encourage and challenge and support you to delve deeper into your study. That's why our study halls are here. We recognise that we all need this.

Study halls provide:

  • Weekly sessions

  • Up to 5 other group members

  • A moderator – to make sure everyone has the opportunity to share.

  • A place for sharing your specific interest and listening as others share theirs  (Different subjects)

  • Provides discipline in study

  • Access to a hang out room – (all study hall users) for chat and discussion with likeminded people.

  • Lifelong friendships

Joining our study hall will give you the outlet needed to no longer be reliant on others but to be a contributor to the work of the Lord. Thelittlescroll study hall is a practical place to make students of Jesus just as the Lord told us to be in the great Commission.


To choose a session at a convenient time please complete the registration form below.

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