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Sep 09, 2020
A journey through the Psalms: comments content media
Sep 08, 2020
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For many people prayer is synonymous with acting in a religious manner. Even in the disciples day prayer was more about declaring to others around you how spiritu al you were than actually praying to the Lord. Yet we see Jesus at prayer so often in the bible but never as a form of religious observance. For Jesus it was always a source of power which he committed to before some of His most serious acts. Such as the garden of Gethsemane or even during the last supper. Yet that source of supernatural power did not come because of prayer but because of His Faith in the Father. Jesus prayers where conversations with a Father whom He audibly declared an intimate knowledge with. Now of course Jesus and the Father are one so this would be obvious. Yet Jesus taught us to pray as He did and although we are clearly not God, as the bride we will become filled with His glory. Surely this means that our prayer life is less about religious observance and more about intimate conversation. Friends the Lord needs nothing from us, especially a religious observance like prayer. Thus we must come to the conclusion prayer isnt something we have to do in order to make Jesus happy rather its something we should do in order to know Him more intimately. Prayer has become a confused act within the church and maybe it is time to straighten out a few of these knots and frayed ends. post below some of your stories about prayer and even your victories and lets encourage one another in this
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Jul 30, 2020
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