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learn the parable of the fig-tree

And learn the parable of the fig-tree: when her branch is still tender and puts out leaves, you know that summer is near. Mark 13:28

Now this is a message concerning the last days and Israel because the bible teaches us that Israel is like a fig tree, so much so that it is part of their national identity even now. What Jesus was teaching is when you see Israel bearing fruit, and then you will know these things are coming. So I wonder if you are watching the news or reading the news papers and wondering what is going on.

The bible teaches us that Christ is going to return one day to judge the whole earth. They will be judged upon there deeds and although you may think you have been a good person we have to match up to the Lords list of good and not our own. The Lords list of good is the law of the Old Testament which we have all fallen short of because when you have broken one law you’ve broken them all. So on that day of judgement no man will stand on his own goodness, but to those who cried out to be Jesus, Christ our Lord has saved. He didn’t just say to those people “its okay I will let you off because you asked so nicely”, He offered to pay the price for them. Scripture teaches that the wages (something you earn through hard work) is death and so Jesus died having no sins of His own to die for; He was able to take all of our sin upon Him. By paying that price all mankind everywhere can be saved, there is no exceptions all we have to do is accept the grace of God and gain the gift of eternal life. This is what we are taught in Romans

Because if you confess the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. Romans 10:9

The difference between looking forward to summer and not looking forward to summer I find is often down to protection. I remember one summer going to St Anne’s beach where although it was sunny it had a breeze and it was quite cool. Therefore it didn’t seem necessary to apply sun cream and of course that was a terrible mistake. On my return from our adventure on the beach I could hardly move for the pain and agony of my beetroot red skin.

Summer is enjoyable when you are protected from the power of that which you can not see, touch or feel but has the power to cause great harm. This is also true in Christ our Lords parable of the fig tree. When Israel begins to bloom in its fruit, or in other words when we see nations gathered against Israel then we know the time is near. What will be your protection from that which you cannot see?

The gift of God is eternal life, but like all gifts it must be accepted, opened and used for it to save you.

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