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thelittlescroll podcast is now live on most podcast streaming services. providing a short devotional message to encourage you during the business of your day.

Our hope is not to replace your study time with Jesus but to get you excited to find out more through your own. 

Our Podcasts are roughly 20 minutes long and will be posted regularly. We have given you a link to Spotify and we would appreciate you pressing follow

The Lord bless you and we hope this encourages you

A Journey through the Psalms

Have you every wanted to know what the Psalms have to teach or say.

Maybe you have your favourite and at the same time have some which you feel are just depressing and speak of Judgment and wrath.

Why not join us for a journey through the psalms. This series will be a lite look at what each one has to say rather than a full on verse by verse bible study. So settle down with a word to greet you in season.

Alternative Podcast


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