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How do you see Him?

Is He...

A spare tyreto ride until your faith balances out?

A customer service callnine time out of ten there is a complaint and the other time you may get a compliment for the employee of the month.

An answering machineWhere you leave stale prayer messages using all the phrases popular today.

A guardian - who you have to ask permission to do anything , even to say you are sorry.

A ghost – you think there is something there because you see the wind blowing...maybe.

A vending machineyou do your bit to get out what you want.

A teacherwho you go to for the answers, but if you don’t like the answer, you ask again...tomorrow.


Is He a King; a friend; a comforter; a speaker of truth; a lover of your soul; your companion and promise keeper?

The Bible is an epic 66 books about a relationship lost and its planned restoration. Its theme: the love of God.  That hole in your life, the missing piece is only going to be filled with a true, significant relationship with Jesus. He made a way for a relationship like no other.  We can help you, give you every opportunity find it.

Come join us on the journey.

Imagine you are like Adam, walking in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden.  What would you talk about? What would you share? Would you be afraid and try to hide? Restoration is the Lords plan for us all. How do we take back the art of conversation with Jesus, when prayer seems to have become some mystical element within Church.

Click below for information about our workshop on prayer or come and join one of our prayer meetings at Acts 2:42.


Prayer -

Art of Conversation


Jesus – more than you will ever know

Who can know it all?  Do you see that statement as a challenge or a fact? Do you feel guilty for not reading your Bible?  Do you feel like it is uninteresting or out of your reach?  Bible knowledge is no about a superior intellect for the academic few, but about you knowing more about your Saviour.  When you conclude that you can’t know it all, then you can conclude that you don’t have to study all of it.  

Look at the bits that do interest you and come and share, as iron sharpens iron, what you find on one of our Study Halls or sign up for our workshop on how to study the bible.

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