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What we stand for

With so many online bible study content providers out there why should thelittlescroll be your choice? The answer is in knowing what we stand for. An organisation needs to have a creed. This isn't our statement of Faith but what is our attitude to bible teaching, why we do it and what are the goals we are hoping to achieve.

Take a look at our creed and ask yourself if this is a ministry you can let talk into your life.



The philosphy and creed of 


Every teaching must be to create a positive outcome, if there is no measurable positive purpose don’t say it


The purpose of thelittlescroll is to show the Christ of the bible


We don't tear down other ministires even if its different fruit. Instead promote what thelittlescroll is doing and why that is worthy not why it is worthy in comparison


Empower the individual and don't create dependents


Serve the church and do not usurp it


We are rebuilding from what was (acts 2:42-47) not building anew, we exist to see the rebuilding of the walls from its former agapist beauty of the early church


Teach the need for relationship with Jesus through the study of His word and meditation on it, as the Lord told Joshua in Joshua 1


Teach that seeking first the kingdom of Heaven is the point and purpose of what the Lord is doing in the world we live. Rather than a personal God at our beckon call He is the Father, Saviour and Author of a plan to save from the judgment to come. Our choice is to be a part of that or to run our own path.

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