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The Lord told Joshua to meditate on the law day and night. this was not a command to read a bit every day and night. The Lord wanted Joshua to hold the scripture in his mind, to consider it and allow it to break into his Spirit so he understood it and then understood the Lord.

here at thelittlescroll we are passionate about making you passionate. 

that is we are passionate about the relationship you should have with Christ and that is a relationship which is closer than that of a brother, a mother and even a lover. Now i know that may seem odd to here. How does one have an intimate relationship with God. He is not visible nor can we physically touch Him. The answer is shown through the poem that is song of Solomon, a book of the bible. In this a description of a love match which grows in its intimacy and intensity.  Yet the strict social rules of 'no touching' meant this intensity is achieved through both the spoken and written word. That's not a subjective answer its what's on the page and its also what so many of us learnt in our English literature classes with the Bronte sisters.


So we are passionate about making your passion for Jesus by helping you to understand His written and spoken word, so that a truly intense and intimate relationship may exist between you and the Lord


Our devotional Blog will give you a word for the day to mull over and consider your own relationship with the Lord, helping you fall in love with Him a little more every day

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