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Our Story


Our Story

Founded by an AOG Pastor with a desire to show that the only way we can ever know and have a relationship with Jesus is through the Word of God. We can all fall in love with Jesus, get to know Him intimately, through a passionate understanding of the Bible. It is not religion.  Nor does your relationship with Jesus need to be through a leader or from the pulpit.  We want to give you the tools to develop this relationship for yourself and in so doing you will develop a strong faith.  A faith which will ride the storms of life and see you through to the finish of the race.  All because you wanted to and not because you were told to. 

We want to develop a community of believers who want their own relationship with Jesus and are looking to be part of an online church which mirrors that of Acts 2:42-47. 

For further information click below to check out our: 

Study Hall – a place to share your own quiet time study's with others who want to learn and grow. 

Workshops to help you learn how to study and pray


Online TeachingVarious Bible Book Series for you to listen to


Or Join our Acts 2:42 Online Fellowship, a gathering of Saints where ever you are!

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