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A weekly group where we can encourage and support you in your development of a relationship with Christ. We believe anyone can do bible study if they have the right help and encouragement. our study hall groups are peer led, where likeminded Christians share with one another what they have studied. Giving you an outlet to share and encourage others. 

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About The Little Scroll

Who We Are & What We Do

The Little Scroll was founded by a Senior Pastor from a small AOG church. He has a desire to show that we can all fall in love with Jesus and get to know Him intimately through a passionate understanding of the Bible. We know that good works are what we do and that the way we love is how Christ is seen in us, but it is only through the Word of God that we can ever know and have a relationship with Jesus.

We want you to have a passionate relationship with Jesus and not a religion.


We want to challenge the idea that your relationship with Jesus has to be leader or pulpit led and give you the tools to develop it yourself. In finding that strength to do it for by your self, with support, we know that you will develop a strong faith. A faith which will ride the storms of your life and see you through to finishing the race because you had a real and meaningful relationship with Jesus that you wanted, not were told you had to.


To help you develop this for yourself thelittlescroll looks to provide support, training and teaching in order to help you develop your relationship with Christ. We will do this by providing online teaching which you can use for yourself or in small groups. Workshops to help you learn how to study and pray in a way that develops a passionate relationship and reliance on Christ alone. Study groups and fellowship to encourage you along, helping with your quiet times and encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. This is a supportive work and peer led rather than led by a leader meaning all participants are far more than consumers

And above all, where ever possible we aim to do this for free or cost.

In short we want to develop a community of believers who want their own relationship with Jesus and are looking to be part of an online church which mirrors that of Acts 2:42-27

Our Vision statement is:-

'To help men and women, boys and Girls to know Jesus intimately

through the study of His word'.

Our values which help us to achieve this vision are:-

 to teach the meaning of praying without ceasing

(learning to talk to the Lord about all of your life on a continual basis)

To teach that understanding the bible doesn't have to have a direct application

to your current situation but is a way you can get to know Jesus.

Thus study can be indirect and based around your interests not your issues.

As you come to learn the Lord is a conversational partner on every subject, your faith, in His presence in your life, will become greater and your belief He truly does love you will grow stronger. When the study of the word becomes less about finding out answers to your issues but exploring who Christ is then you will know Him and how He would wish you to act in life challenges.

When you ask or someone asks you, 'what dose thelittlescroll do anyway', then this is what you can answer. They teach me how to develop my own relationship with Christ.

If you would like to use any of our material, it is freely available and for anything that isn't please get in touch.

Welcome to the official website of thelittlescroll

Welcome to Sweet on the Lips, the name that Revelation 10:9 gives to the word of God as John is

asked to eat the little scroll. The bible is more than a book and should never be relegated to being a simple instruction manual before leaving earth. As John was given the book it tasted sweet on His lips but bitter in his stomach. The reason for this was because the word of God sweetly teaches us about the nature and character of God yet that knowledge challenges us to throw caution to the wind that we might know Jesus intimately. 

Knowing Jesus, is a passion that can only be satisfied by studying His Word in order that you may know Him better.


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